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i'll chime in here as all three of my old hydra 26s went out. one went out during warranty and was replaced by another hydra 26. the other 2 went out outside of warranty and like the first response, AI agreed to replace (superb customer service). Since they dont make the 26s, they sent me 2 hydra 32s. so on my current tank i am running 1 26 and 2 32s.

here has been my experience. physically, the lights are a little different.. the 32s are a little slimmer and I had a hard time getting them installed on my rimless mount stands as their power cords are a bit thicker. the pucks are a bit smaller as well. i placed the 26 in the middle but most ppl cant notice the difference.

the biggest difference is that there is no wifi with the 32s. so everything is controlled via bluetooth. its kind of a pain to have to choose the 32s separately in the app to control them. and when i am remote, i can't control the 32s like i can the 26 via the wifi controls. i dont like this as i like to turn on the lights remotely in case my wife wants to show someone the tank when i am not home. with the 32s, you have to be near the tank (blue tooth) to control the lights

looks wise, i don't see a difference when you have all the lights set to the same settings. haven't confirmed with a par meter, but all my corals are thriving with both lights. hope this helps

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