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Copper band in reef tank

I realize the difficulties in keeping this fish, and I'm prepared to feed live if need be, but I was wondering how damaging a copper band was to clams? I don't have any clams right now in my reef tank, but plan on adding a few soon. I'd also like to add a copper band or two for aptasia control. No, I don't expect it to eliminate aptasia, simply control it. I do get it on occasion and I rather have natural predators for it. I've not had luck with peppermint shrimp (although they do love to eat my zoathids, torch and hammer (insert angry scream here) ) So I have written them off my list. I like the copper band fish, and it would be a nice addition, as long as they aren't prone to coral destruction like other butterflies. I know some people seem to do okay, others not, I'm more out to know what my odds are. (as I am sure it's not without some risk). Thanks

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