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Dear HumbleFish

I saw this information from your site:

Copper Power at 1.0 ppm, verified using the*Hanna Instruments*High Range Copper Colorimeter (HI702).
Over the next 48 hours, slowly raise your copper level to 1.75 ppm in gradual increments. You are now at a therapeutic copper level. Add to this*metronidazole. If using 100% metronidazole powder, dose 25*mg per gallon. Otherwise follow the maximum dosing instructions for whatever product (e.g. Seachem Metroplex) you are using.

- Chelated copper is started at 1ppm. After adding fish, slowly raise copper to 1.75ppm in 48 hours. That means the 30 day clock starts on day 3?

- Why do we add metronidazole to copper treatment but don’t do this with CP?

- We can use ammonia reducer when treating with CP, but can not use it with copper. Am I right?

Best regards

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