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Trying to set up auto water changes with Maxi and Profilux 4

Hello There,

I have tried to post on the ghl support forum, but can't figure how to start a new post... lol. I've regisetered, but can't post :-) If someone could tell me to click on the ghl support forum on their website:

Sooo I'll post here?

I am trying to set up awc with my Maxi and Profilux 4. SPecifically I am trying to use a timer or maintenance mode where I could press a button on my ghl app. to initiate changing 6 gallons a day for 6 days in a row. Then have it stop until I can make new saltwater. Once I make water and it's ready, I could press the button again to initiate the process again. I would do the water changes with the Maxi doser turning both heads at the same time (one remove water, one fill water). I would not be using any float sensors... instead having it run 6 days in a row. How do I program this in GCC?

Thank you in advance for your time!!!

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