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You’re water change could have impacted the surface tension resulting in the overflowing condition. Depending on the salt mix, how well it was mixed and other factors, your new salt water could be causing the issue. Also, if you bought this skimmer used, make sure the venturi port on the nozzle where the air hose connects ins’t clogged with dried salt.

The other thing that can impact it is if you still have the skimmer tuned improblerly. While it’s overflowing, my best advice would be to make nozzle adjustments to get the overflow condition to stop. This may require going further out on the nozzle or more in depending on the root cause of the overflow. My guess is that once you get this issue tuned out via more nozzle adjustments, it should be more stable going forward though you might have to close the wedge pipe some to get it to produce depending on your fish load. Also keep in mind that a tiny fraction of a turn on the nozzle can make a big difference so make small adjustments and use rubber gloves when making those adjustments so that the oils in your skin don’t impact the water and cause the skimmer to go flat forcing you to wait to see the results of the adjustment.

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