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Originally Posted by vitodog View Post
Thanks slief. You were right about lowering the Co2 pressure. As soon as I lowered the pressure, the pH increased from 6.4 to 6.5. I lowered the pressure from 9 psi to 4 psi. slief, am I correct in assuming that by lowering the pressure, the excess gas bubbles will eventually begin to disappear from the reactor and circulation pump?
Yes, per my previous reply, reducing the Co2 should sove your other issues and by lowering the pressure, you are reducing the amount of Co2 going in since the reduction in pressure results in a reduction in the Co2 bubble size. In a nutshelf, you’re pumping in too much Co2 for the amount of water flow going through the reactor. Reduce the Co2 rate and you will increase the pH and reduce the excess gas in the reactor. So in short, it should solve your other issues as well. You can purge the excess gas out by shutting off the circulation pump, moving the reactor back and forth to get the gas out of the media and up to the top of the reactor. Then run the Masterflex pump at or near full speed long enough to suck the gas out. You might need to tilt the reactor a tad to help get the bubbles to the output on the lid.

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