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RO/DI water same TDS as tap?

Hello all.

I've had the same RO/DI setup for about 12 years. It's a standard 5 stage. I recently (last couple of months) changed out the entire set of filters and DI resin. As usual, I check the TDS every once in a while. On average after 8 months or so, I start getting 1 or 2 TDS on the meter and I change filters.

Recently I noticed a slight algae build up and I got out the magnifying glass. I'm currently getting the same TDS out of the unit as I am out of the tap!!! In 2 months? I have a 5 micron sediment, 1 micron carbon block, another .6 micron carbon block, the RO cartridge, and then then DI. After passing through all of that after 2 months it's entirely depleted? I've even ran a filter set an entire year before and only got to 4 TDS. What happened?

My water supply is not THAT bad - it's only ~146. I checked all of the connections to make sure I didn't bonehead something and everything looks fine. There are no leaks and the unit is shut completely off after each use. Could my flow restrictor be causing this in some way? I've got it configured as a 75 GPD. Do the restrictors go bad? How could I have burned through all of this filtration in such a short period of time with a source of 146 TDS?

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