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Thanks. These are all good suggestions. There was, in fact, a water main break right up the road from me 2-3 weeks ago. I didn't even think about that. Now I don't know if I should just replace all the filters again and hope for the best or try and determine if the water is going to cook the system before I spend another $100+ on filters. I assume all of that super-treated water has passed through the system by now.

I will check the seating of the membrane, but I'd suspect the casing would leak if it weren't sealed. Not to mention that the RO membrane isn't the only thing removing solids from the water in the system. It seems that even the sediment filter would remove a small amount. The carbon blocks should remove substantially more, followed by the membrane reducing things to almost 0. Then the DI kicks in a finishes things off.

At this point these filters are so new, the sediment filter is still bright white. For now I'll have to go with distilled water until new filters come in. I'll update as things progress. Thanks again for the ideas.

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