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What the heck was I thinking doing a video. That can come at the END....

I've got a Work Area Disaster to clean up for next week or two.

Then I want to move on to playing inside Tank (Rock Scaping, fish, etc)...


Here is the SUMP ROOM..... this Thread goes by....

3+ months of Hard work came together to this....

Actually 3 years, for the learning, planning and living with old setup to figure out what I want.
Plus the Previous Sump Build, DIY Doser, SUMP-Built IN Algae Scrubber, etc.


My main Goal was to Optimize my Wiring, and keep it tidy.
Everything runs in the wall, with Easy Access Wiring Holes for Maintenance.

Some of those panels have hinges for inside wall access. Also as shown earlier in there, there are holes and channels in Wall behind.

The KITCHEN TANK which is directly above Sump Room, Runs (Hoses) into Sump (Thru Vertical White Column Conduit) under the NEW 110G Tank.

The T5 Lighting Fixture I spend Countless hours on (DIY made from Scratch using LET Encaps, Last minute idea to paint Black)

The Wall Ventilation Panel is 2 Computer Fans, running on a Home Thermostat drawing cool air from Rec Room on other side of wall.

Fixture is Link Chain Suspended, and there are clips to raise or tilt the 3 Independent Fixture Pairs and 1 Triplet.

THE LED Strip at the Back is 90W Actinic, and also run on a Dimmable Current Driver (Controlled by Apex)

-> 7 T5's (54W 4 ft Bulbs) & (39W 3 ft Bulb)

-----> Front and Back Pairs are on Dimmable HEP Ballasts (Controlled by Apex)
-----> The Middle Triplet is (54 W Pair, Non-Dimmable) and a (39W 3ft T5, ALSO DIMMABLE for a Color Bulb, like now a Purple Plus)

-----> The 54 W Bulbs have Clip on German Aluminum 4 SideReflectors (Narrow), and the 39W has a 10 Sides Wider Reflector.

CURRENT T5 BULB SELECTION: ( [54W] 4 Blue Plus, 2 Coral Plus, 1 Purple Plus [39W] )

THE Flooring is DRI-CORE SUBFLOOR and (LifeProof 100% WaterProof Vinyl Planks)

The Sump Room is 100% Perimeter Water Proof Sealed.

There is a Gutter drain around the perimeter (Plank Standing Area), so Large spills will wash away immediately, and go thru a Seal Channel into Basement Drain 25 Feet Away.
Plan is to install my Water Sensors to trigger any Apex Action in case of any Tank/Sump Flood. (Even from Upstairs Kitchen tank)

The Tank Stand, and Sump Stand are on Concrete Floor (Only the Standing area has the Dri-Cor Subfloor, for (Soft Feel, Ground Insulation [Shock protection], and WaterSpill Drain off)

THE CENTRAL CONTROL PANEL SECTION are properly located for each Sump, and Here Tunzie ATO, and Both (Kitchen Tank/Basement Tank APEX) Displays are Centralized.

Both Tank/Sump have a DC Waveline 10,000, 12,000 Return Pump which is Apex Controllable for Variable Speed Flow.

The Horizontal/Vertical Conduit, is the channel for Both Electrical, APEX E8, PM PH Module, and Dosing directly into SUMP.

Everything is designed to reach via equipment Cord lengths, (so no extension cords from EB8, Probes, etc), PLUS easy to remove pump, heater, to clean and then put back.

SUMP has GLASS Cover Plates ( To Avoid Salt mist Spraying....but open sections for Ventilation to limit condensation, Sweat).


The LOWER Wall Section is painted Darker Blue and From front Viewing Side (Office) it lines up with the Back of tank (so you see nothing but blue background, since I raise the white Trim just enough). Looks great with Lights hitting the Blue Wall.

That's it.....More to come (The Fun and Easy Part).....

-> Still have to fill it up
-> Place in Gyres [Ice Cap/Apex Controlled], Hydor Ciculation Pumps [Apex] and one CP40 Wifi/Native Controller.
-> Hook up my DIY Custom Doser, Water Changer.
-> Hook up Sump and Return Sea Swirl Rotating Head.
-> Add FISH, ROCKS, and Eventually Corals.

Glad this is all over and done with.

Looking forward to Everyone's feedback. Really Proud of this achievement

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