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Need a new tank - Help me decide

Hey guys,

I'm sure this will probably be the cliche post on here. I had several nano and large tanks when I was young. All throughout high school and early college.

I finally had to break them down due to only being home for a few days a month.

Fast forward a few years, and I have landed my dream job and have settled in my new home. I'm looking for a nano tank. I'm wanting 15-20 gallons. I prefer an all in one tank kind of like the biocube used to be. That being said I'm not sure what's the best kind of tank for this kind of setup. I'd like to have a place to mount a skimmer in the tank if possible.

I don't plan keeping high end corals - zoas and mushrooms the max. I want to keep it simple.

What I want livestock.

- One clown (possibly two if the tank size/filtration permits)
- Goby
- Peppermint shrimp

and possibly the corals I've mentioned above.

What do you guys suggest I look at?

Thank you for all the help!

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