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I'm still injecting CO2, for a carbon source. For Nitrogen, I dose ammonia or potassium nitrate. For phosphate, I feed the fish, which also covers trace elements, except that I add iron specifically, which can get used up quickly in planted tanks. Occasionally I add magnesium and iodine.

I too am trying to understand what was going on, and why my manatee grass is receding. It may have just been lower salinity. It may have been too much ammonia, or too much iron. It may be increasing sulfides in the deep sand bed. I've thought of poking the sand bed with a stick, to see if any bubbles up.

I suspect the cause was me, being a bit heavy-handed on the dosing. Manatee grass does well on low nutrients in nature, and also responds well to dosing in captivity. I've been trying to determine how much and how often to dose. Clearly, I haven't figured that out yet.

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