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Originally posted by pledosophy
IME the days of seahorse only species tanks are far gone. There are many many fish that can be kept with them. They do not do well with fast swimming aggressive eaters, of corals that have a sting. They also do best in tanks with temps under 74F.

Seadragons are not legally available in the trade, but not really that diffucult to keep if you have other syngnathid experience.

Pipefish are becoming increasingly more popular in reef tanks and seem to do O.K. with the higher temps and flow.

JME, you did ask for feedback.

I think it's awesome you took the time to compile this list. Kudos to you my man.
I think just because it's a species tank does not mean you can't keep other live organisms with them, you just need to be very selective and the focus on the whole tank must be the species you're loking to maintain. I'm sure you'll agree with me that if you were to put a eahorse in the majority of the reef aquariums owned by people on this forum it would not last long. Thanks for the heads up on the Seadragons, I had forgotten that they were illegal to collect. Also, thanks for the feedback and props.

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