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Water pressure question

I'm working to get my RO system working as best as possible. I have a few questions/concerns. I checked my static water pressure and it is roughly 40 psi. This was checked having the gauge attached to a water outlet with no other water flowing (no outlets open, etc.).

I placed a pressure gauge between the source and the inlet of my booster pump; I placed a second pressure gauge inline after the booster pump between it and my RO unit.

When I turn on the water to the RO unit, both pressure gauges show 20 psi; after I turn on my booster pump the gauge before the pump continues to show 20 psi, the gauge after the pump shows 40 psi.

My understanding is my RO unit will work best if the pressure entering it is around 80 psi.

If I occlude the line entering the RO unit with the booster pump running, the gauge after the booster pump will go up to over 100 psi, but when the line is not occluded and allowed to flow into and through the RO unit the pressure is only 40 psi.

I'm thinking my household water pressure should not drop from 40 psi to 20 psi when the valve is opened up to the RO unit. I might understand a small drop in pressure, but I wouldn't think it would drop by half.

Where do I need to start looking? Both the RO unit and the booster pump are new.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Current Tank Info: 20 gal display w/10 gal sump.
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