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Unhappy New Underweight Seahorse Not Eating

Hi all,
On Saturday I brought home a new seahorse. The store was going out of business and practically gave her to me. I knew she was wild caught and looked a little underweight but I figured I'd try my chances. Got her home, and she refuses to eat (forgot to ask the store to feed her while I was there). She won't chase a thing. I tried hand feeding her (using sterile dull tweezers to hold live brine shrimp up to her mouth) and she'll slurp them up, but spit out 90% of them. Yesterday I got her to keep down maybe 10. Today, maybe 3. But after eating last night, she was pretty active, exploring the tank versus staying in a corner. This morning I did add some of the enrichment formula you can add to the shrimp to make them more nutritious (I figured it'd fatten her up faster), so maybe she ate fewer today because she doesn't like the flavor? I'm swinging by my LFS after work to pick up fresh brine shrimp. I have a 20gallon tank, 10lb of live rock, and 2 peppermint shrimp. I realize it may just be from the stress of being caught and put in a tank, and there may be nothing I can do. Any help would be appreciate. I don't have high hopes for her but I really want to do what I can!

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