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David. Have fun in the Virgin Islands. I have never dove in Tahiti, the only Pacific dives I did was in Australia and Hawaii. I was certified in 1978, 26 years ago not 14. When these dive shops in the Caribbean see my C card they just tell me they never saw a card like that before. I am sure it has been redesigned a few times since then. There were not many people diving then which was great because all the ship wrecks here in NY had all the stuff on them that they went down with. It does not even pay to visit them anymore because they are picked clean.
I did the dives for the advanced certification somewhere in the Caribbean off the Windstar ship. It was too rough the last day and we couldn't dive so I will get it in Tahiti. I am going on the same ship.

I used to get shocked when I put my hand in my tank. Then the electric eel went dead.

Current Tank Info: 100 gal reef set up in 1971
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