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My certification taught multiple decompression with staged stops at various depths and repetitive decompression dives. Maybe in 1978 the criteria was different than now.
My only comment would be that yes things have changed tremendously since 1978 regarding deco theory. Not sure what type of diving you do but if you have not done any deco dives recently and plan to in the future I would suggest that you take some updated classes beforehand. Your tables are probably cut based on air and most (not all but almost all) people who do deco diving now use mixed gases.

If your wife and daughter got certified on vacation it does not suprise me much that they did not get much out of the class. I think that the key to any class, no matter what agency, is the instructor. I have been fortunate to work with two very good instructors for my training and I feel that I have probably learned more than most people I have talked to who took comparable classes.

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