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OH, I forgot to tell the best story, LOL

I was spear fishing in PCB. We were down about 40 feet when I saw it. I can't remember the name of the fish!!! But anyway, From the top, they look like a shark in the water, and actually many people mistake them for just that. On with the story; It was a 5 footer. It kept coming closer and closer, so I set my pole spear and grabbed onto the tie line, and swoosh! Great shot from 6 foot away, right behind the gill plate, and all the way through. OOPS!! Where did the tie line go? Out of my hands and away through the water, straight down to 90+ feet to the bottom. Fighting this thing with all the edrinalin going. I finally got him secured and checked my time and air. Usually I can do 90 feet for about 40-45 mins with no problems. This time, I was sitting on the bottom, with about 300 lbs air left, and had only been in the water for about 5 mins. I turned to my buddy, and being the experienced diver he was, he could see how hard I was breathing, and immediately handed me his buddy breather. We sat there a few minutes to adjust, and then slowly headed back up to the boat.

Moral to this story; Always keep an eye on your air. You never know how quickly it can go down. You could experience a leak, get excited, or any other thing, but always keep track of your air, after all it is your life we are talking about here!

There is always a bigger fish

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