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red acro

 photo 35FF0B74-FDD6-4A96-BD3D-6E9DBC2FFAF5_zpsevg3ltbt.jpg

 photo EF9DF232-7D56-4C5F-BD48-989F7677EE29_zpsuz8igrgi.jpg

I would say that's 20 polyps

it got a little easier to see once it encrusted a little

 photo 0AEDCD47-EC38-4B78-A9E7-2ABFE6631CAF_zpsi0aglwkb.jpg

A year later... I know that's a long time but low polyp counts really hurt.

 photo 91DEAA6B-4CCE-4183-97AB-574E88B236F4_zpsxkxyxykn.jpg

and the colonies around it grew fast and are competing

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