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Scuzy's new 210 Build

Thanks. I just ran more cables and configure the uv flow. Will drain the tank this weekend and get it back into the wall position. Hopefully I will have the light canopy base attached to the wall beams. Then I can put the sand in and get the the ro/di water filled. Start my cycle.

I got a bunch of rocks in the bin finishing soaking after bleaching it a few weeks ago. Next is to dry them out and start using my Marco E400 to sculpt a few pieces into a shape I like and creat my rock sculpture. This will be pretty fun.

I won't have much time to work on his next week as I will be in Hawaii to get away from the Super Bowl traffic nightmare that weekend. I hope to resume work on this guy and have the house start looking clean again. The Mrs. Is starting to complain about fish stuff everywhere.

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