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Thanks to all you guys following along
My goal was building a cool system and to document the proof that I built it for better or worse. In the past I've done builds and while I don't need everyone to know that I built them it's nice to have proof when your accused of lying . I had no goal of having people follow this but I've gotta admit I find it awesome that there's even one other person out there that thinks what I'm doing is cool and has some appreciation of the effort I put in.

Thanks to all those who have been chatting with me to smooth out my ideas and fill in the gaps in my experience. You guys know who you are and this project wouldn't be half of what it's turning into with out you.

The next step will be building the lighting system. This part is 100% NOT my design. Two of my reef bros out there were kind enough to completely tell me how they would light this tank as far as the spectrum and exact sin waves I should find and include in each diode and what quanity of each. So I will basically just be making their ideas work from an electric standpoint. Thanks guys!!

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