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here is an update:

I have been working with both skimmers SM 250 and SM 300 in my tank for 2 months now and they are working great. They are skimming more than double the liquid I would export with only 1 skimmer. Skimmers have been working consistently with no issues.

the wedge pipe of my SM250 is closed more than 50%. it is working fine and skimming well, but I want to know what happens if I higher the level of the water in the skimmer compartment so that I can open more the wedge pipe?

when you open the wedge pipe you allow more flow in the reaction chamber, which means more turnover of water in the chamber correct? is this beneficial to the skimming process or not?

I am thinking that the more turn over in the reaction chamber the more particles the skimmer could trap??

I am now working the SM 250 at a water level of 22cm, I am thinking of highering the level to 25 cms so that I can open the wedge pipe more.

would this be a good idea to try or should I just leave everything as it is now?
please explain me why in you answer.


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