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Originally posted by Red_Six
Thanks for the information on the mantis. I also read the great information that Richard has at the TBS website (Animals you May Want to Remove ). I have confirmed that I have at least 2 mantis. I will try to trap them. I have known from the beginning where one of the mantis lives. I put the bated trap in the tank and drew out the second more colorful mantis. He ran across the entire length of the tank. Neither has gone near the trap yet.

The tank is really quite beautiful. I am very impressed with the rock. I think I will stick to the Gulf biotype. I just need to figure out what reef safe fish I can get that come from the area. There are no fish in the TBS price list. Are there any fish that you sell Richard?

Wish I could, but it takes all my time to keep yall in live rock/sand/critters.....

Richard TBS

Still sitting at .2 ammonia

Mantis number one. Notice how photogenic he is.

I believe this is a Porcelain.

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