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Haven't posted in a while. Lots of changes since the last update.
My original 60 gallon NPS tank got scratched pretty badly thanks to the younger children in my family who were over a couple of xmas' ago and found that the most amusing thing about the coral tank was dragging the magnet back and forth. Unfortunately the MAG had pieces of gravel trapped. Have to say i was a bit disappointed in how easy the tank scratched.

Anyways I commissioned a custom build with a local builder.

This tied into a reno I had at the house. To make long story short everything took longer than it should and I ended up housing the NPS corals in my 110g for way too long. Ended up losing my dendro colony (the orange branching ones and a few of the Rhizos. My 110 has a baby trigger in it who likes to go after the food in the Rhizos and ended up ripping the flesh out of a couple. Mostly everything else is still around.

Anyways, the reno is finished and I now have plumbing that goes from the upstairs areas where the display tanks are going to be to the basement which will be a central sump / filtration including a LaCl reactor (building it myself).

The new NPS tank will be a 30x30x24 (built already). The 110 will be replaced by a 84x28x30 tank. They will be plumbed together. The new display tank will be LPS/Soft corals oriented.

Where I am in all this is that I have the NPS tank and stand built. I will probably work on the cental sump/filtration over the holidays and then replace the 110 (the new tank is being build).

Not really into "build threads" but I thought I would share some of the details.

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