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For those who like looking at piping

IMG_2707 by , on Flickr

Drain to basement
IMG_2708 by , on Flickr

I plan to have a "flow-through" sump with a emergency skimmer in case there is some issue with draining/pushing water from the basement.

Tank Control
This is going to present a challenge as I will have to figure out some way so that the local probes and sensors can communicate with the controller in the basement. I have have localized control using an Apex which will be attached to the tank upstairs.

Thinking of using a Arduino (either stand alone or using a Reef Angel) as the basement main control. I may have to setup RF transmitter/receivers with the upstairs probes so it can send the tank parameters to the basement.

IMG_2715 by , on Flickr

IMG_2002 by , on Flickr

I will do a few updates as I set up the basement filtration.
Hopefully we can get to the fun stuff (livestock) soon!

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