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st3 by noy, on Flickr

Not quite sure what this is. Originally thought it may be Pterogorgia guadalupensis. However the white polyps really threw me off. P. guadalupensis usually have brown polyps. White polyps generally mean non-photosynthetic. Thought it may be Pterogorgia cintrina but the polyps are too small. Didn't get very good collection information from the LFS. Following are 2 close up shots of the polyps.

IMG_2771 by Noy, on Flickr

IMG_2772 by Noy, on Flickr

IMG_2773 by noy, on Flickr

Swittia exserta. This is a replacement - I had a colony of this and lost it to a very particular parasite which seemed to only attack that gorg in my tank. Had it for over 2 years and showed no decline.

IMG_2777 by noy, on Flickr

Not really new but I just love this coral. Gorgonia sp. Thought it might be lophogorgia chilensis but all the pics i have (except one) show red polyps.

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