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Originally Posted by Zalick View Post
I had a Vectra L1 for a return. The insides literally melted. Ecotech basically said too bad, out of warranty, despite it being clearly a design defect. Pump was only a couple years old. From what I understand, this was a design defect and has since been fixed. I was disappointed they didn't take care of it for me.

I replaced it with a ReefOctopus VarioS 8 and I've been very happy.
Same happened to me. While ecotech graciously changed my pump for free out of warranty, the event costed me thousands in losses as all my lps took such a hit from the spik in the heavy metals in the water from the impeller grinding against the melted housing..
Am suprised they did not change it for u. They did with me and they were honestly great, did not even make feel uncomfortable..

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