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I use two MP4-40s on my 90Gal and the most I can go up with them is to about 50-60% before it will start doing damage to LPS stuff.

I turned down my return pump flow rate to about 5x to accommodate a Klir DI-4 and after one month I noticed the Tank was not looking so great. I returned to flow to 8x and after a week everything looked great again.

I wanted to buy a Vectra S2 to replace my Reeflo Dart but everything I was reading was painting a sketchy picture, too many people saying the flow is disappointing or the pump died. One thing I like with my Reeflo Dart is that the only issues it has ever given in 16 years is the bearings and seals start to go at the five year mark. You get a squeaking noise that gets louder and after about 6 months it gets loud enough that your compelled to press out the bearings and replace them and the seals.

I have never had a sudden death of a pump! When I do take it out I just slap in my spare pump (B) and take my time servicing pump (A).

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