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yep, just as a said, cultured far from wild.

Wild are broken right from the reef and shipped out the door. No growing in the aquaculture fields in the ocean.

Sometimes you will see the base of these aqua cultured corals having pop bottle tops molded into the fake rock.

The only draw backs I see is sometimes the corals take on a un natural growth pattern...Turaki's look wierd and so do some of the other fine coralite structured corals. In there true environment there not getting the same flow as they do in the open grow of
facilities. This is probably were all the pest enter the hobby as well, when you take the coral out of it's natural environment and don't take the other creatures with them ( fish, shrimp, ect) The pest that attack these corals have no fish or shrimp that eat them and keep them in balance. This was a heated topic at one of the macnas/imac.

Mariculture as used by there site is also none as Aquacultured by most others. There using the term aquaculture to represent what they possibly grow in house.

But all in all Mariculture is not wild.

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