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So I did my REAL First Auto Water Change.
-> No Salt Mixing
-> JUST FLIP ON THE HEATER SWITCH till water matched tank.

I actually did an ALK test while the WC change ran.

And I was shocked that my ALK dropped from 7.5 to 6.5 Since 6 days ago.

So I guess the Quantity of SPS Frag, not Size is consuming Alk.
-> Weekly Water changes (5%) is not enough to sustain ALK.

Perfect timing since I just finished coding the FINAL FEATURE on the Doser.
A fine tune adjustment. Bit of overkill, but nice to have.

The Basic Calibration Mode is filling a vial to 10ml and DOSER stores that calibration. It's pretty close, but not perfect.

This Fine tune Calibration Mode will allow me to adjust Each Dosing Pump-Head Calibration to perfection.
What's nice is that I can get all dosing heads matched up perfectly, so the liquids will drain equally when dosing is set equally. Thus I will run out of A/B/C liquids at the same time.

Here what the Fine-Tune Calibration Looks like:

I topped off ALK to 7.0 for tonight manually.

Next it to setup dosing tubes, and start AquaForest Componnet 1/2/3 dosing.

GLAD I Caught the ALK drop since going below 6.5 would not be good.

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