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Originally Posted by MiNdErAsR View Post
Too much invested in Canon glass to try another manufacturer.

I'm not an avid photographer, just someone interested in it as a hobby. Hoping to take it up a notch as time allows.
MiNdErAsR - I feel you on that. The majority of my Canon glass is L series glass . But there are so many options for using different glass on other cameras with adapters. Not sure if you have been collecting crop sensor lenses or L series but something to keep in mind for future.

Originally Posted by BlueCorn View Post
Get a Sony A6500 and a Metabones adapter. It's a better camera and you keep your Canon glass.
BlueCorn - I was recently looking at this exact set-up or one of their full body cameras. I have been loyal to Canon for years but the love is not being reciprocated with the latest The only thing holding me back is the better skin-tone processing from the Canon sensor but feature wise for the price Sony is looking really good.

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