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Originally Posted by ReefKeeper64 View Post
In a fish only tank with substrate you can tell you need more CP when algae starts to grow again. At that point you add another 1/2 dose of CP and the algae will quickly die back off. It only takes about 2-3 weeks for the CP to diminish naturally like that. I experienced this a couple of years ago by helping a friend who owns an LFS. He wasn't happy the the meds he had been using so we dosed CP in 3 of of his fish only storefront systems. As soon as he started that regimen, his fish loss rate diminished to almost nothing. We figured out more CP was needed by noticing the display went from pristine to where algae started growing again. The algae will tell you what you need to know. This dose method is probably more on the safe side but fish deaths post sale are also way down so we know it works. Customers know this store uses CP and they buy with confidence.

I started my a new build last year by treating with CP in my new tank build. I started it out out as a fish only system for the first 90 days. A powder blue tang and a dozen other fish were the first to go into the DT. At 90 days I stopped the treatment and within a month after that I started adding LPS and soft corals without issue. A year later and I haven't had a single disease problem.

The LFS owner also maintains tanks for customers and has dosed it successfully in a few systems now. With an established system, you start with a 1/4 dose to avoid too much die off at once and any resulting ammonia spike.

These are just some real life experiences. Nothing scientific but it works and is safe. Good luck with your setup. I'm sure you will get to where you want to be soon enough.
Without knowing the minimum therapeutic dose and when algae returns it's hard to say what works and doesn't work other than things you've experienced. Obviously my test isn't definitive, there are so many variables at play. It is possible that the bacteria that consumes it forms after dosing it and if you went into a system that hadn't been dosed prior it would have been different. You should check out the thread I posted last night that puts CP concentrations against time. For me to keep the 40mg/gal concentration I would have to dose 260 grams of CP over a month just to keep it there if my consumption stayed consistent. The dose to bring the tank up to 40mg/gal is only 26 grams. That is a LOT of cp, not a half dose. Not really willing to test that.

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