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This is a float switch kit that is designed to do exacly what you are looking for. It uses a high quality micro float switch mounted to a CNC machined PVC assembly that is designed to fit through the vent holes in the collection cup lid. The mount has the float switch off set to that once installed, you can rotate it to move the float away from the side of the collection cup. You can also adjust the switch up and down to allow the cup to accumulate as much skimmate as possible given the length of the float. It includes wires to connect it to an aquarium controller such as the Apex, Profilux or any other controller that supports standard float switches. It also has a quick disconnect plug that allows you to disconnect the switch cable if you need to remove your lid. That way you don’t need to disconnect cables from your controller. This won’t work unless you have a controller though since it’s just a normally open/closed switch.

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