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As promised here are a few photos of Part 2. As usual Richard did an excellent job of packing everything with care. So far no mortalities. I have even spotted a one inch hitchhiking fish, something I wanted more than anything. I am not sure if that was luck or if Richard had anything to do with that. I have rid myself of 2 mantis from Part 1 (both have new homes), but there are several more in the tank now. I hope this little native fish has the instincts to survive these predators.

One of the really cool extras that Richard threw in was a red walking-stick thing. I have no idea what it is and unfortunately I did not get a photo of it before letting it loose in the tank. It is only about 2 inches long. I should have put it in my 10 gallon tank for observations. I hope it shows up again.

The condy anemone is on the loose, moving from the location I placed him. After hearing of other's anemone tails I was not sure I even wanted anemones in my tank, but now that I see them in person, I am very pleased with them.

To answer your questions, from my point of view chrisstankevitz:

1.)Yes. If you do your homework on how to set up and maintain a SW tank, this package is excellent for a beginner.
2.)You are almost guaranteed pest mantis and crabs.
3.)I will leave that question for someone else. Although I target squirted FW to remove mantis, I am not sure what dipping entire rocks in hypo SW would do to all the life.

Now for some hitchhikers.

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