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I usually hose down my garage floor with a hose since dust irritates my lungs badly. Tried this last night and the 2x4s on the bottom got water logged until I vacuumed up the water inside and around it. It's dry now but I can see a maintenance issue with lumber directly on concrete (that might get wet).

Since the tank is not here yet, I plan to lift the frame slightly off the concrete and slide a 1/32 flexible plastic sheet under it. Then I'll paint it with the consumer grade epoxy paint. After it dries, I can cut out the excess sheet around it.

I will use this same kind of sheet as a barrier between the tank and the rest of the garage when I hose it down in the future. That'll shield everything up from the ground and the epoxy should shield the stand from the ground runoff.

That's the plan at least...

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