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Originally posted by aajenki

I was not clear with my use of words. I actually meant bubbles of glue (not air) as opposed to a bead like you described.

But that brings me to another question.

That last beckett and venturi skimmers I build using only Weldon 3. Once done I felt that the welds we not strong enough so I ran a bead of Weldon 16 around all the accessible joints. I ended up with a nice concave bead around each joint (like you get on a glass tank is you uses silicone and run your finger along the joint).

However, by the time it had dried a bit (say 10-15 minutes) a row of tiny bubbles had formed inside the bead and an all beads???

I showed the local acrylic manufacture but he had never seen it before.

Any ideas?

Temp. would have been around 20-25 degrees C (68-77 degrees F) and not too humid.

Last skimmer i built i did the exact same thing. Got the same results as you did, i'm going to say solvent poping. Get it sometimes in painting, when the top skim dries faster than the bottom and forms pockets of solvet.


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