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too much solvent

hey zeph,

i am ready to glue my pieces but decided to do some practice runs with scrap acrylic. i'm working with WO #4. i am able to get seams with very little to no bubbles. however, i seem to be using too much solvent. they ooze out of the sides when the pins are pulled and pressure applied. how can i avoid this? i tried using less solvent but i don't get full coverage in the seams. how can you tell if you have enough solvent in one spot and needle applicator should be moved?

the method i use (which is obviously incorrect) is to apply enough solvent so the routed edge gets "wet". that is when i start moving the applicator needle. the result is too much solvent.

i've read and heard about the term "filet" in acrylic. what is it referring to?


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