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Yep, this method does have some "ooze". When you pull the pins, some goop should squirt out on all sides. It will dry clear, and will be hard to see if done well.

It sounds like you are doing it right- Fill the gap completely, and let sit for one minute, then pull the pins. If the acrylic has softened so much that the pins are glued in, you waited too long. Keep a set of needle-nose pliers handy so you can get a grip on the pins to pull them.

If you use smaller pins, you get less of an ooze. I have been considering going to a fine copper wire instead of pins, but have not bothered to try yet.

A fillet is what you see in the corners of a glass tank. The goop that is smoothed out to each pane, but fills the crack with a 1/4 round bead.

In acrylic work, it is not nearly as big, but it refers to a small amount of dissolved acrylic that hardens outside the joint, adjacent to the two panels. Having the fillet means that you softened the material enough before you pulled the pins, so that the panel seated in well, and pushed out a little bit of the dissolved acrylic.


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