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Originally Posted by outy View Post
Me and many others prefer this.

It is great, are you saying there was no room for improvement?

First the salt itself seems to be finer grained which helps with it dissolving faster. It dissolves much better, less left in the tub and its always consistent.

I used reef crystals only for about 15 years after 10 years of IO and after about 600 G of mixing fritz/live aq ill never go back.
No, I am saying who's (and how) making that determination? Referencing "mixing" only highlights that there is scant data other than perception/observation.

Anyway, this is not a new topic; there have always been the "flavor of the month" brands, but it seems like they always have QC issues (and simply expensive) which keeps me away. RC mixes fine for me, some residue in the drums, but clear in less than 24 hours, is economic, and consistent. All other non "premium" mixes I have tried were disappointing, and I like mixing lots of water, so high priced "premium" salts are just... meh

Though I will try LA, the price is where I like it and I have more faith in them as a company.

Edit: I then read mixed reviews of LA/Fritz and their QC, with people reporting residue, and the 205g boxes coming with one giant bag? Not individual 50g bags? Once again, thinking why bother with something not broken...

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