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Originally Posted by outy View Post
There is always some residue from high calcium mixes, and there is less for me in this then RC.

The one bag has not been an issue, since make 100G batches.
Yeah, but something as simple as the 50g bags (I use two 30g poly drums) matters to me and my personal routine.

Residue is residue (as you note, all "reef salts" generally have it), the high dKH of RC has never been an issue for me, and I like to think of the higher CA/MG and other elements as just more bang for the buck (what you are paying for with a "reef salt" anyway).

Regardless, I think the best attribute a salt can have is being cheap (with good QC); and more cheap brands is a good thing. More water changes will always beat out the "perfect" salt mix IMO.

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