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Well I was planning on buying the cabinet doors and fake drawer fronts from the Reef Central forum-reccommended site since they sell pre-made sizes for CHEAP...but of course they have discontinued their 21x25 size doors that I had designed my cabinet around. This was both a positive and a negative:

I couldn't find premade doors anywhere else online, so I had to order custom-made cabinet doors/drawer fronts from for a grand total of $184.50 (shipping included). I ordered paint grade poplar, since I will be painting these white therefore wood species, grain color matching, etc. doesn't matter. To my surprise, this didn't do much to lower cost. Oak doors would have only been a few bucks more per square foot. (I ordered ~13 sf total) The site I ended up ordering from was the cheapest custom cabinet shop I could find online, some competitors were as high as $300 for the exact same thing.

Custom-made doors! Originally I wanted a 1" gap all around the cabinet doors, between the doors and the stand's trim. However, this wasn't possible given the premade door sizes available at . Going the custom-made route, I was able to order the exact size doors/drawers I wanted, down the the nearest 1/16". Also, I was able to match my kitchen cabinetry down to every little detail (stile/rail, panels, edging, etc). My kitchen cabinets are viewable from the tank's location, so I'm hoping this subtle detail matching will help the rather large cabinet blend in with our home.

Advantage quoted me a 7-10 day production time, and charged $40 for shipping via FedEx Ground in two seperate boxes. Seems pretty reasonable, considering their competitors were quoting a 4-week lead time. They were also pleasant to deal with on the phone, very friendly staff.

This weekend I'm going to buy new saws, nailers, and of course the plywood/2x4/2x6 components and hopefully get started with the physical build. I've spent enough time on Sketchup -- time to see the real thing come together!

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