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For some reason, the large magnifica doesn't like its spot despite being dead center under the Kessil and on pretty much the highest spot in the tank. It also gets plenty of flow. Yet I found it already twice on the move... I may have to relocate it (and the bicinctus with it) to my 100-gallon tank and move the purple gigantea (which seems to be unhappy there) and my percula pair #1 into the 40B... well at least then the 100-gallon tank would be a good deal closer to a Red Sea biotope.

Pairs: 4 percula, 3 P. kauderni, 3 D. excisus, 1 ea of P. diacanthus, S. splendidus, C. altivelis O. rosenblatti, D. janssi, S. yasha & a Gramma loreto trio
3 P. diacanthus. 2 C. starcki

Current Tank Info: 200 gal 4 tank system (40x28x24 + 40B + 40B sump tank + 20g refugium) + 30x18x18 mixed reef + 20g East Pacific biotop + 20g FW +...
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