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Originally Posted by CoralsAddiction View Post
Mine moved a little bit a week or two ago after I changed some of the light settings and flow. It went from one side of the flat rock it's on to another. After some minor tweaking it stopped moving. The key was having it on its own island with no room for lateral movement. Some mags go suicidal, detach completely from rock structures and go floating.
In your case, I would not mess at all with an established gigantea (other than the fact you mentioned it doesn't seem happy where it's at)
That gigantea went on a walk up the rockwork after being quite unhappy in its original spot for a while. It either didn't like the excessive flow, or sitting so low, or the water being too low on nutrients, or something else. I think it really needs its own tank in my new anemone system. The other purple gig I have in there is by now the best looking of them all.

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3 P. diacanthus. 2 C. starcki

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