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Originally Posted by GoVols View Post
I've been running the factory Red Sea / Sicce AC pump since 2013, on my S-400 and it's rated at 1,850 gallons per hour.

Here's the specs that are on the side of the AC pump that I've been using.

RS Max S Main 7000
110 - 120V - 60Hz 70watt
Qmax 7000 l/h H-max 3.8m

If I did go with the A100 DC would it have the same, more or less head pressure than the Red Sea / Sicce pump has.

I hate to spend that kind of money, only to have less flow.

I'm just trying to make the right purchase and I need your full honesty.

I understand that your basis and you should be.

But will the A100 fit my needs?
I would say the A100 would fit your needs. If you can fit the RD3 in there, you get more bang for the buck and arguably a better pump.

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