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How to get Vagabond Butterfly fish to eat ?

I recently purchased an auriga butterfly fish from petco they hust got in it when i was there so i took it in the bag it came in.. Had him for 3 days now and i cant get him to eat.

Also they called him a auriga/threadfin butterfly but he looks like a vagabond butterfly he has black lines on his rear fins vs a round black spot..

Anyway i tried. mysis shrimp. spirilinia. flakes. nori.. I tried soaking it in garlic. i cant get him to eat any of it. He is plump looking not skinny and he is picking at my live rock looking around the tank for food. he picks at my corals like zoas and stuff which is fine i dont care id rather have the fish eat then worry about 30$ corals.

Anyway he clearly wants to eat but wont eat anything i tried..

What do you guys suggest try ?

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