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Originally Posted by FSJGUY View Post
Well he ate half of my green planet acropora.. so hes eating.. but i cant have him destroy 60$+ coral like acroporas.. zoas i dont care about but yea not for a 35$ fish.

I put him in my empty 30g salt water tank so hes by himself... I know that tank is kinda small for a butterflyfish... but its all i got..

Oh well.. just need to try to get this guy to eat normal food somehow.. nothing is working
If it’s eating your corals there is little chance you can stop this behavior even after you get it eating prepared foods. You should try to remove it or take it to a LFS

Fish are not disposable commodities, but a worthwhile investment that can be maintained and enjoyed for many years, providing one is willing to take the time to understand their requirements and needs

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