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Originally Posted by SantaMonica View Post
Might need to dim or shade it to start, since it probably is very strong. Check the case ground pin too for safety. Then see how it grows as-is.

Easy performance mod is to simulate 2-sided by placing a white plastic sheet behind the screen, and cut some tall diamond-shaped cutouts in the screen so light can get through and reflect back to the other side.

Best mod is to get a light on the other side. 2-sided is always far better than 1-sided, for waterfalls, because of the mat-down. This does not happen as much in upflows.

But just see how it does now.
Yeah I was worried, once I turned it on, that it was so bright. I made the reflectors to try to bring light to the other side but won't be able to install the one on the back till I clean the screen and remove the scrubber.

I don't feed that much, so I guess I figured the nice large screen could compensate but to be honest I never did the math........

In the future if needed I guess I could add those waterproof strip LEDs to the inside although they may have to go in at an angle. It simply wasn't ideal to have a light on the other side for space, cost, and ease of access reasons.

Will the algae just not grow if it is too bright? I could find something to put in front of it I guess.


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