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Final attempt - Tank Reboot

So here is the story, I have been fighting dinos for over 1 year with no success. I have:

1) Tried going low nutrients ( daily 2% water changes, GFO)
2) Tried dosing H2O2
3) Tried going dirty
4) Did the lights out method
5) Did a fluconazole treatment (mostly for hair algae that I had at one point as I do now)
6) Removed sand bed and went bare bottom
7) Reduced photo period
8) Added macro Algae
9) The final or almost final straw was to try Dino-X. While this helped reduced my Dinos slightly, it almost completely killed all by a few polyps of zoas.

My parameters are typically PO4 = 0 to 0.04, No3 = 20-30, Sp Gr 1.025, Alk 9 dkh, CaCl2 420 ppm.

After losing my corals, not liking the look of the bare bottom and seeing no light at the end of the tunnel, I have decided that I am going to do a tank reset and if this doesn't work, I'll get a fish screen saver and go dive with them in the wild.

I will be transferring my Wrasse, small yellow tang, cardinalfish, 3 clown fish, 2 chromis and 1 anthias to my quarantine tank that is afflicted with the dinos but will hold the fish while I do the reset.

Here is my plan:

1) Transfer fish to QT and discard all macro algae
2) Drain main tank (110g)
3) rinse rock in high pressure water and scrub
4) Soak rock in 25/75 bleach/ H20 mix and leave for three days with powerhead
5) Rince rock
6) Soak rock in 10/90 Muriatic acid/H2O
7) Rince rock
8) dry rock for 4 weeks
9) During this time, I will run the tank with water and bleach to ensure everything is dead in the system
10) Purchase sand, place rock, fill tank and start cycling process (I'll add a shrimp)
11) After cycle is done, I'll transfer livestock back but will rinse them in a separate bucket of clean saltwater to reduce the risk of dinos making their way into the system.

At this point, I will watch closely the water parameters and hopefully by Dino free

Anything I am missing? In order to reintroduce biodiversity into the tank should I just purchase some live rock from a local reefer or is their another safer method? I do not want to risk introducing dinos back into the tank.

Also, if my last 2 corals survive, would a coral rinse work or I am better discarding them. Same goes for the few remaining snails in my QT, what can I do to reintroduce them without risking things.

Thanks for your input. If this doesn't work, I think I'll be posting a for sale add.


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