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Originally Posted by chrisv View Post
Update #2: Squamie is fully adapted to my kessil light. I personally think his color was better under the MH lighting, but for now he seems to have his lighting requirements met. I'm calling this one a win. If anyone is keeping track, this is a 10-12 inch clam in a 14 inch deep tank with the kessil 12 inches above the water and with blue /withe dialed in at 70% toward blue, and 50% LED power.
How long would you say this change kept your squamosa in a dormant stage? I recently switched to LEDs from T5s in December out of necessity as well and my blue squamosa has stopped growing when it was growing really well before. I've also noted that coloration was much better under T5s, but perhaps it's still adjusting and the mantle will look better when growth comes back.


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