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In regards to why she won't eat silversides, just look at it this way. The human diet is wide and varied. If I offered you steak, chicken, some mixed veggies and crickets, would you eat every one of them?

I'm sure if you got her hungry enough she would, but with a plethora of CUC and crabs to nomnom on she can choose to be a picky eater, and thats a good thing.

My Ternatensis loved some species of snail more then others, but crab above all. He would take silversides in small doses if he hadn't had a live crab recently.

I found it worked out great because my tank was still a high light coral tank and needed CUC to keep algae down, so I bought as many different species of snails that I could find, in various sizes, so some CUC always got left behind in between restocking and murder. My Tern would rarely kill cerith snails, the dwarf ones always got left alone. Turbo snails also got left alone. He loved nerites and they usually got eaten first.

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