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Looking for personal experiences with big tank equipment (pumps etc)

Long story short, getting ready to purchase some life support equimpent come black friday...

What is everybody happy with in terms of...
Return pumps
Closed loop pumps
External skimmers/Skimmer pumps

I plan on running 2 main returns, 5 closed loop, and I haven't yet decided on skimmers yet. I'm going to need 2,500gph+
I've been looking at Reef Octo for most my equipment because I see a lot of big tanks using it, and very few using Ecotech, Dolphin, etc. I was "burnt" by the L1 melting before, so I'm slightly jaded there.. if anyone has different experiences with the L2, I'm all ears. I'm hesitant to go external pumps due to noise/potential leak hazard.

Thank you

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